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Arc Eyelash Plate

Arc Eyelash Plate

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Descriptions and cFeatures:

Size: 50mm x 80mm x11mm


This uniquely designed plate is meticulously crafted to simplify the eyelash extension process, making it easier, more efficient, and incredibly precise. Discover how our Arc Eyelash Plate can revolutionize your eyelash extension business or beauty routine.


Enhanced Precision: Our Arc Eyelash Plate features a curved design that perfectly matches the contour of the eye. This curve aids in the precise placement of eyelash extensions, ensuring a natural and seamless look.

Improved Efficiency: This plate streamlines the eyelash extension process by holding multiple lashes at once. It minimizes the need for constant adjustments and reduces the time required for each application.

Comfortable Grip: The ergonomic design of the plate offers a comfortable and secure grip, reducing hand fatigue during the application process. It allows for steady control, even during intricate lash placements.

Fanned Lash Arrangements:  the arc shape helps lash artists fan the lashes and helps assists in creating beautifully fanned lash arrangements.


What makes it different:

gently curved or arched design used for eyelash extensions. This shape provides a natural, lifted appearance to the lashes, enhancing the eyes' overall beauty and creating a subtle, flattering curve.  The crystal material gives luxurious feeling on top of providing good durability. 

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