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Details: 100 PCS in 1 Pack

Size : 15mm x 15mm x 7mm


Lash Blower, is the ultimate tool for perfecting lash extensions and ensuring they dry flawlessly. This specialized blower is meticulously crafted to provide controlled, gentle airflow, optimizing the drying process for freshly applied lashes. 


Precision Drying: Our Lash Blower offers precise and controlled airflow, allowing you to target specific lash areas. This precision ensures that each lash extension dries evenly and securely in place.

Efficiency: Speed up your lash extension application process with our Lash Blower. It reduces drying time, allowing you to complete your work more efficiently and cater to more clients.

Gentle on Lashes: Crafted with care, our blower provides a gentle and consistent airflow that won't damage or disturb delicate lash extensions, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for your clients.

What makes it different:

The controlled airflow helps disperse adhesive fumes, reducing the risk of irritation and discomfort during the lash extension application process.

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