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EGF Lashampoo PH 7

EGF Lashampoo PH 7

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Scent: None | Any types.


  • Safe and Gentle: Formulated with sensitivity in mind, our products cater to easily irritated eyes and delicate skin.
  • EGF Bubble Foam Cleanser: This unique pairing enhances your cleansing routine, ensuring thorough removal of impurities.
  • Soft and Smooth: EGF Bubble Foam Cleanser leaves both skin and lashes feeling irresistibly soft and smooth.
  • Reduces Irritation: The rich, gentle bubbles work harmoniously to minimize skin and eyelash irritation.
  • Maintains Lash Extensions: Proper cleansing of lash extensions is vital in preventing eye conditions and extending their longevity.
  • Balance and Hygiene: By eliminating excess oil and protein buildup, these products maintain balanced PH levels and promote eye hygiene.

Description: Introducing our EGF Lashampoo, a tailored solution designed for individuals with sensitive, delicate, or easily irritated eyes. When paired with our EGF Bubble Foam Cleanser, it introduces a new dimension to your cleansing ritual. This unique blend caters to your specific needs, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleansing experience that extends beyond the lashes.

Texture: Brings a foamy experience into your cleansing routine.
Safe and gentle + EGF BUBBLE FOAM CLEANSER washes off thoroughly and leaves skin and lashes soft and smooth. Rich, gentle bubbles reduce skin and eyelash irritation, and delicate skin and eyelash cleans up perfectly.

Benefits: Experience the multitude of benefits that our EGF Lashampoo and EGF Bubble Foam Cleanser offer. These formulations ensure a thorough cleanse that effectively removes oil and protein buildup along the lash line without compromising lash extension bonds. The rich, gentle bubbles significantly reduce the risk of skin and eyelash irritation, catering to even the most delicate skin. 

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