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Glue Plate Film

Glue Plate Film

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Type: Film Sticker Type

Color: Clear

Pack: 10 pcs in 1 pack


Glue Plate Film, is a revolutionary solution designed to simplify and elevate your adhesive application process, whether you're a professional lash artist or a beauty enthusiast. This innovative film is meticulously crafted to provide a mess-free, hygienic, and efficient surface for adhesive placement. 


Mess-Free Application: Our Glue Plate Film creates a clean and controlled surface for adhesive placement, preventing spills and drips that can occur with traditional adhesive palettes. Say goodbye to adhesive messes and hello to a tidy workspace.

Hygienic and Disposable: Each Glue Plate Film sheet is disposable, ensuring a fresh, sterile surface for every adhesive application. This promotes excellent hygiene standards, especially in professional settings.

Optimal Adhesive Control: The film's non-porous surface allows for precise control over the amount of adhesive used, resulting in consistent and efficient bonding with each lash extension.

What makes it different:

Our Glue Plate Film is versatile and adaptable to various adhesive viscosities and types, making it suitable for a wide range of eyelash extension needs.

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