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Glue Plate Paper

Glue Plate Paper

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Sizes: 30 mm X 30 mm (Small)  

Inclusions: 20 PCS in 1 Pack

Type: Paper 
Color: White


Glue Plate Paper, a game-changing tool designed to elevate your adhesive application process to new levels of precision and cleanliness. This innovative paper is meticulously crafted to provide a controlled, hygienic, and efficient surface for adhesive placement, making it an essential addition to your beauty toolkit


Precision Adhesive Placement: Our Glue Plate Paper offers a precise and controlled surface for adhesive application, allowing you to apply the perfect amount of adhesive to each lash extension, resulting in consistent, flawless bonding.

Mess-Free Workspace: Say goodbye to adhesive spills and drips. The paper's non-porous surface prevents adhesive from spreading or leaking, ensuring a clean and organized workspace, especially during intricate lash applications.

Hygienic and Disposable: Each Glue Plate Paper sheet is disposable, providing a fresh and sterile surface for every adhesive application. This promotes excellent hygiene standards, crucial in professional beauty settings.

What makes it different:

The paper's non-porous surface provides a controlled and mess-free environment for adhesive placement, enhancing precision during lash extension applications.

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