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Details: 100 PCS in 1 Pack

Size : 15mm x 15mm x 7mm


Glue Holder, the essential tool that revolutionizes adhesive management for eyelash artists and beauty professionals. This innovative holder is meticulously designed to enhance precision, reduce waste, and streamline your adhesive application process.


Precision Adhesive Control: Our Glue Holder provides precise control over your adhesive droplets, allowing you to apply the perfect amount of adhesive to each lash extension. This results in consistent, flawless bonding with each lash.

Reduced Waste: Say goodbye to adhesive spills and excess waste. The holder's controlled adhesive placement minimizes the risk of overusing adhesive, helping you save on costs and prolong the life of your adhesive bottles.

Improved Efficiency: The Glue Holder keeps your adhesive at your fingertips, eliminating the need for constant adhesive bottle dipping. This saves time during the application process, making it more efficient.

What makes it different:

It can be safely place on any flat surface and the size match with square lash plate that has a spot for glue holder. By keeping adhesive at your fingertips, our holder eliminates the need for constant adhesive bottle dipping, saving you valuable time and streamlining your application process. 

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