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Love ( Magic Line Eyelash Glue)

Love ( Magic Line Eyelash Glue)

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Persistency  :    ★★★★★★
Viscosity      :    ★
Flexibility     :    ★★
Stimulus      :    ★★
Retention  :      8  Weeks
Color         :      Black
Level         :       Master
Drying Time  :  0.5  seconds



Clione Prime Love Eyelash Extension Glue, with an incredibly fast drying time of just 0.3 seconds. Imagine the agility and precision that this glue can bring to your eyelash extension procedures!

Why choose Clione Prime Love Eyelash Extension Glue: Drying in 0.3 Seconds: With our Love glue, you will save valuable time with each application, ensuring your clients are ready faster and with exceptional results.

Wonderful Retention: Thanks to its high-quality formula, Eyelash Glue Love provides exceptional retention. Goodbye to worrying about prematurely falling out eyelashes!

Resistance: There's nothing worse than lashes that don't stay in place, right? Our Love glue was designed to avoid problems with stickers, ensuring that the lashes remain in the desired place.

Range of Temperature and Humidity Variation: We know that each work environment is unique, which is why our glue is incredibly versatile. It works perfectly across a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, ensuring consistently excellent results.

Trusted Brand: Clione Prime is known for its quality and innovation in eyelash extension products. With Love, you are choosing a brand you can trust. 

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