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Luna ( Magic Line Eyelash Glue)

Luna ( Magic Line Eyelash Glue)

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Persistency  :    ★★★★★
Viscosity      :    ★★
Flexibility     :    ★★
Stimulus      :    ★★★
Retention  :      8  Weeks
Color         :      Black
Level         :       Master
Drying Time  :  0.5 1 seconds


Clione Prime LUNA Eyelash Extension Glue. Never worry about temperature and humidity fluctuations in your work environment again. LUNA adapts perfectly to any situation, making it the ideal glue for professionals who cannot control their air-conditioned space.

Why choose Clione Prime LUNA Eyelash Extension Glue:

Unparalleled Versatility:  LUNA is the glue that adapts to you, regardless of the conditions in which you work. Its wide range of temperature and humidity variation makes it the perfect choice for any eyelash extension studio.

Unparalleled Reliability:  Never worry about dealing with glues that don't work under certain conditions. Clione Prime's LUNA is your reliable partner that will never let you down.

Perfect Retention:  The retention provided by LUNA Cola is simply impeccable. Your lashes will stay in place, maintaining a stunning look for weeks.

Upgrade your eyelash extension experience with Clione Prime's LUNA Glue. Eliminate workplace concerns and ensure impressive results in every situation. Let LUNA be your go-to glue, always ready to impress!

Don't waste any more time with glues that don't meet your needs. Purchase LUNA Cola from Clione Prime today and take your work to a new level of excellence. Experience reliability that will never let you down. Clione Prime's LUNA is the perfect choice for demanding professionals like you.

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