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Elevate your eyelash extension services with our Professional Eyelash Glue Pouch, designed to meet the exacting needs of beauty professionals like you. This pouch is more than just storage; it's a testament to your commitment to precision, quality, and safety in your lash applications.


Secure Glue Storage: Our eyelash glue pouch is specially designed to securely hold your adhesive bottles. Say goodbye to the hassle of spilled glue and messy workstations. Keep your adhesive at your fingertips, ready for flawless lash applications.

Temperature Control: Maintain the optimal temperature for your lash glue. The pouch features an insulated interior that helps prevent temperature fluctuations, ensuring your adhesive remains in perfect working condition.

Compact and Portable: Whether you're working in a salon, offering mobile services, or attending lash appointments on the go, our compact pouch is designed to fit into your kit or bag with ease. Stay organized and efficient, wherever your lash artistry takes you.

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