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Spray Bottle, is an essential packaging solution designed to meet the unique needs of the skincare and cosmetics industries. This user-friendly and efficient bottle is perfect for products that require controlled and precise application, ensuring that your customers can enjoy the benefits of your formulations with ease.

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Recommend Products You Can Use It For:

Hydrating Facial Mists: Our Spray Bottle is ideal for packaging hydrating facial mists, allowing your customers to refresh and hydrate their skin throughout the day with a fine and even mist.

Setting Sprays: Extend the versatility of this bottle to your cosmetics line by using it for setting sprays, ensuring that makeup stays in place for a flawless and long-lasting look.

Toner and Astringent: Our Spray Bottle is perfect for packaging toners and astringents, providing a gentle and controlled application to prep the skin for further skincare steps.

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