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Glue Primer

Glue Primer

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  • Optimal Bonding: Crafted with a pH level conducive to superior bonding, ensuring the longevity of your lash extensions.
  • Effective Cleansing: Specially formulated to eliminate proteins, oils, and residual cosmetics, resulting in a pristine lash surface.
  • Moisture Infusion: The primer's gentle formula adds moisture to your lashes, safeguarding them from dryness.
  • Safe Packaging: Packaged in a sealed container to prevent air and moisture infiltration, extending shelf life.
  • Enhanced Retention: By establishing a strong foundation, our primer contributes to the lasting beauty of your lash extensions.

Description:  Discover the key to flawless lash extensions with our GLUE PRIMER, a premium lash primer packaged in a 15 ml vial. This primer, with its crystal-clear, drop-like consistency, is a must-have for anyone starting out with lash extensions. Crafted to improve lash bonding and retention, this vital tool ensures a strong and long-lasting lash experience.

Texture: The GLUE PRIMER enchants with its fluid, drop-like texture that effortlessly glides onto your natural lashes. Its clarity and smoothness allow for precise application, creating an optimal foundation for lash extension attachment.

Benefits: Unlock a multitude of benefits with our GLUE PRIMER. This formulation not only strengthens the bond between your natural lashes and extensions, but it also promotes a longer retention period. By eradicating impurities, it sets the stage for impeccable attachment, while the infusion of moisture prevents lash dryness and promotes lash health.

    Experience lash excellence with GLUE PRIMER – your key to expertly applied lash extensions that dazzle and endure.

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