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Liquid Type Primer

Liquid Type Primer

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  • Drop Type: The innovative drop dispenser offers precise application, eliminating excess and ensuring uniform coverage.
  • 15 ML: A substantial quantity that promises extended use, making it an essential tool for captivating lashes.
  • No Color Added: Free from artificial colorants, this primer maintains the natural allure of your lashes.
  • Perfect Cleansing: Our primer's exceptional formula ensures thorough cleansing of your lashes, enhancing  eyelash extension adherence.
  • Smooth Moisturizing: Experience the dual benefits of lash hydration and priming, leading to enhanced lash health.
  • Fresh & Mild Ingredients: Carefully curated ingredients provide a gentle touch, making it suitable even for sensitive eyes.
  • Oil-Free: Crafted without oils, our primer guarantees a residue-free application, ensuring your mascara's longevity.


Discover our Liquid Type Primer for eyelash extension in Clear Color – a cutting-edge solution that transforms your lash game. Presented in user-friendly drop-type packaging, this primer redefines the way you prepare your lashes for a mesmerizing eyelash extension application. With a generous 15 ML content, achieving luscious lashes has never been easier.


The Liquid Type Primer boasts a feather-light texture that effortlessly coats each lash. Its smooth and fluid consistency ensures that every lash is perfectly encapsulated, creating an impeccable base for your eyelash extension.


Experience a multitude of benefits with our Liquid Type Primer for eyelash extension. It transcends typical primers by providing impeccable cleansing by effectively removing fine dust particles, build up protein, and oil to ensure longer glue retention. With a formula that feels refreshing and mild, it nurtures your lashes while ensuring your  eyelash extension adheres flawlessly and lasts longer.

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