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Herb Primer Spray Type

Herb Primer Spray Type

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Description: Introducing our Herb Primer Spray Type – an innovative solution that marries the power of herbs with the convenience of a spray. This Clear Color primer, encased in a compact 15 ML bottle, redefines the world of lash preparation. Unveil the secrets of herbal beauty as you embark on a journey that nourishes not only your lashes but your overall well-being.

Texture: Experience the gentle mist of our Herb Primer Spray as it delicately settles on your lashes. Its lightweight and refreshing texture envelopes your lashes without overwhelming them, setting the perfect stage for your lash enhancement routine.

Benefits: Unlock a realm of benefits with our Herb Primer Spray. Beyond lash preparation, this formulation caters to your well-being. As you indulge in this primer, you embrace the potential to reduce the risk of diseases and maintain healthy skin and hair. It's not just about lashes – it's about a holistic approach to beauty. 

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